"Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!" -Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tips for New Moms: 02

02: Don't have a cow when your hair starts to fall out in chunks about 3 months after you give birth.

Because I did.  And I still am.  For about 3 weeks now I have literally had chunks of hair falling out in the shower, when I brush my hair, straighten my hair, or just whatever...it falls out.  Everyone tells me it's normal, but if it keeps going on, I'll probably be bald soon.  Leah gets the brunt of it all too because no matter what I do, I find some of my hair on her, in her hands, or even in her toes.  I have even found a strand or two in her diaper before.  I know pretty gross, but what can I do? 

So, when your hair starts to fall out, don't panic.  It's normal.  Or so they say.  :) 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tips for New Moms: 01

I'm going to start something new on my blog.  You have probably already guessed what it is from my title.  Yes...tips for new moms.  Almost everyday I find myself learning something new as a mom that I had no idea of or hadn't read in any of the books.  So, I thought I'd help some new moms out there to have a better understanding of what to expect from being a mom.  Please don't take this as some kind of expert advise, because frankly I've only been a mom for 3 1/2 months and I'm learning new things everyday.  These are just tips of what I've found out that works and doesn't work as a Mom.  I'd love to hear any other advise you more "experienced moms" have because I'm all about learning from the best!  So, hear it goes...

01: Start packing for vacations at least 3 days in advance. 

This has been a huge struggle for me.  If you know me, you know that I am the world's best procrastinator!  I wait to the last minute to do everything (clean, pack, work, study, etc.), but when you have a baby, that all has to change!  I'm still working on it, but I think I've gotten a little better (though Adam might tell you differently).

If you have a baby or are thinking about having a baby, prepare to take anything and everything with you wherever you go!  Like pretty much every baby, Leah gets bored sitting or laying somewhere pretty quick.  You put her in her swing, she wants to move, put her in her boppy seat, she wants to move, lay her on the floor, she wants to move, put her in your lap, she wants to move, sit her in her bumbo seat, she wants to move...you get the idea.  So, we take everything!

Adam has a Jeep and by the time we're done packing everything you can't see out of the windows.  I'm sure we'll get better as time goes on, but I'm perfectly content taking everything "just in case".  Since we do take a lot, it takes a while getting it all together, so, the final verdict....start early!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


em-pow-er [em-pou-er]
1. to give power or authority to; authorize, esp. by legal or official means.
2. to enable or permit

Our Pastor started a new sermon series called "e".  No...not for Elevation, but for "empowerment".  It was a great sermon with key points that really opened your eyes and made you realize what the "church" is really here for. 

Elevation is known for our mission statement, "So that people far from God will be filled with life in Christ".  It is our mission to reach the city of Charlotte in so many ways.  Elevation is also known for not doing anything mediocre.  Everything is done with excellence, which is what the Bible calls us to do as a church.  And part of doing things with excellence is not having an array, or rather, a "buffet" of things within our church.  For example, that's why you don't see a Men's ministry, a women's ministry, a missions ministry, a singles ministry, a college ministry, a special needs ministry, a hearing impaired ministry, a senior adults ministry, and I could go on and on.  Now before any of you have a cow, or stop reading, I am NOT saying these things are bad or wrong to have in the church.  Here me out.  Some churches do these things great and are reaching so many people through them, which is awesome! 

People all the time ask the staff at Elevation, "why is there no men's ministry", "where is your single's ministry", etc.  I think most people grew up in the tradition and mindset that there has to be a "pastor" leading these ministries...I know I did!  The answer Elevation always gives to these types of questions is, "why don't YOU do it"?  Why don't I do it? 

Pastor preached from Ephesians 4:11-13 which basically says that all of us are given a gift from the Lord...our passion.  And we are to use our gift/passion to reach the world, which creates great and perfect unity in Christ. 

Man!  Just let that marinate a little bit.  Don't you feel convicted?  I know I do!  God's given me a great gift and as long as I keep it covered up, tucked away in box, protected from the world...it's useless and a great insult to my God.  Just think...if we all discovered our passion, the passion God has instilled in you, and used it for the Glory of God, this world would be a different place! 

Pastor stated in his sermon that "Pastors are God's gift to the church and the church is God's gift to the world".  Pastors share the vision God has for us and we, as a church, are to take that vision and form strategies of how to implement the vision in our everyday lives.

He also said that rather focusing on entitlement ("pastors") we need to focus more on empowerment.  We, as a church, need to feel empowered to take our passions and do something with them to reach this city.  Even though the majority of us can't call ourselves "pastors", we DO have the authority and the power to take our gift and use it and let that be our ministry. 

Elevation has had community groups meet all over Charlotte since the start of the church.  These community groups meet each week to fellowship with other believers, discuss the sermon from the previous week, and to just do "life" with other fellow Christians.  These community groups are taking a turn for the better this coming season.  Instead of being called "community groups", they will be called "egroups".  The "e" standing for empowerment. 

As group leaders, we were told to discover our passion and let our group be centered around that.  For example, Adam's passion is teaching and he loves taking the sermon Pastor preaches each week and dissecting it and discussing it with others.  So...our "egroup" will probably focus on the series' we do in the church and discussing them with our group to provide application.

Pastor gave examples of other passions people may have.  Everything from Missions, to students, to sports.  Pastor Furtick is empowering us as a church to take our passions and use them to reach the city of Charlotte bringing everything back to our mission statement, "to see people far from God be filled with life in Christ".   This is where all of our "ministries" will surface.  Men's ministries, women's ministries, missions, sports ministries, etc. will all be brought to life. 

Forgive me for such a long post, but I just wanted to share what was on my heart the past couple of days.  Will you use your gift/passion God has given you to empower you to reach this city, or will you keep it safely tucked away?  God has called His people to take risks for His glory...no worries, He's always on your side.  I'll leave you with a quote from this past Sunday...

"We are placed here for a purpose, guided by a passion and empowered by the Spirit of God." 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Edible baby.

Couldn't you just eat her up?  This weekend we went to Rufus and Taylor's engagement party.  The weather was very nice, but it was hot!  Leah had never really been 'hot' before, so when she started to get a little dewy she didn't like it.  But Adam did manage to get this completely adorable shot of her.  Sometimes I still can't believe she's mine!

Truly blessed!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All the girls...

These are just some of the women in my life that make me feel special...

Mom, thanks for being the best Mom around!  If you can't tell from my last post, I love you very much!

Sara, thanks for being a great Sister.  You're always there when I need to talk and you seem to know just what to say!

Harleigh, thanks for being cutest niece ever!  I love being your Aunt and your "tiger" noise is my favorite!

And this little girl...

Leah, thank you for being my sweet daughter!  You mean the world to me and I would do anything for you! 

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mom

I know Mother's Day was yesterday, however there was no time to post because of all the festivities! :)  And I celebrate my Mom everyday, so today is no different!

Everyone has one, young or old, short or tall, dark skinned or light...a mother.  Call her whatever you like, Mom, mama, madre, mere, Mother, she will forever be your Mom.  My mom carries many names.  Some days I call her my rock, some days she's my comforter, somedays my best friend, or my discipliner.  She was my provider and only wanted the best for my sister and I.  My mom was, and still is the most selfless, giving person that I know.  Not only is she giving in her finnces, but more giving with her time, which to me, is one of the most valuable things you can give.  She has always had an ear ready to listen whenever I needed to talk...whether it was when I was six and someone took my pencil at school or when I was faced with the everyday occuring drama that went along with middle or high school, she was there.  When I dated boys in college and a date didn't go right or on my graduation day when I wasn't able to walk across the stage, she was there.  
Her ear was ready to listen when Adam and I started dating and I wanted to tell her all the amazing things he had done for me.  And when he popped the question and the daya we got married she heard all my excitments and calmed my nerves.  Even to this day, now that I have my own family, I call her every morning on my way to work to talk about everyday life and the things that come along with it.  She is a great listener.

My mom is an amazing woman who wears many  hats.  It is because of her that I can call myself a Christian, a friend, a wife, a daughter, and a Mother.  She has taught me everything I know about character and poise.  She has led me through the ups and downs of life and has been my lifesaver when I started to go under.  Giving up is not part of my Mom's vocabulary and it is with her experiences that I have seen her push through the toughest of times.  She has watched me grow from the tiniest of babies to the Mother that I am today and now I get the privilege to watch her as a Grandmother to four very precious grand kids.  There is such a legacy behind my Mom's eyes and I can only hope that I will carry that legacy on someday.  

Thank you Mom, for loving me with your whole heart.  Thank you for putting your family first and everything else second.  Thank you for loving the Lord and for teaching me how to as well.  Thank you for sacrificing everything you have so that we would not be without.  Thank you for teaching me how to be a Mother.  You are truly my hero and I am so thankful and blessed to have the relationship we have with each other.  You are my everything and I love you forever! 

Friday, May 7, 2010


Birthdays are a huge deal to me.  It's your own special personal holiday you get to celebrate every year.  Most people get caught up in the fact that you're turning one year older, however I just love hanging out with the people you love, decorating the house with streamers and balloons, maybe opening up a few presents here and there (you know you like presents too), and of course the cake and ice cream!  I love it when birthdays roll around because it just gives you the excuse to spend money and go all out to make somebody else feel special (and not have your husband getting mad at you for spending money).  

So, with that said, we've got some birthday's coming up!  My sister's birthday is May 10th, my Dad's birthday is June 8th, my other brother and sister's birthdays are June 10th and 11th, my birthday is June 17th, and my Mom's birthday is July 8th!  We've got lots of summer birthdays.  This weekend we are celebrating my sister's  birthday at my dad's house after the race on Saturday (I can't believe I'm running in a race Saturday that I haven't trained for...haha).  Anyways, we're all going back to my Dad's house to order pizza and celebrate Sara.  Unfortunately, Adam won't be in attendance because he'll be at a driving class for cough, cough, a ticket he got on the way home from Leah's first doctor's appt.  Sorry babe, but there's consequences for everything.  I still love you though.

This year my dad is turning the big 6-0 so you know I've got to do something up big for him!  Last year we had a little get together at our house for him which was a blast!  We'll see what this year has in store for him...

Here are a few pics from his birthday last year:

Birthdays are a great thing!  If your birthday is coming up, I hope you have a happy, happy birthday spending it with the ones you love!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Yesterday was cinco de mayo and mine and Adam's 3 year anniversary.  It's kind of funny to think that we picked May 5th to get married and then a year later both of us becoming Spanish teachers!  Funny stuff.

I looked up the traditional gift for 3 years and it was leather, which was perfect because I knew exactly what I could get Adam.  For a while Adam wanted a front pocket wallet but has never bought himself one.  To be quite honest, I think he forgot he wanted one.  So...off to Fossil I went to get my hubby a genuine leather front pocket wallet.  Needless to say, when I gave it to him, he loved it and then remembered how much he wanted one.

I also wanted to do something kind of different for him...so I ordered 3 cupcakes to be delivered to our house.  One that had, "I love you", one that had, "5-5-07", and one that had, "AHE" (our initials) on it.  He really liked those too and they were very yummy!  But, can I just take a minute and speak my heart?  Having a joint account has its perks, but when, ahem, your husband constantly looks at the account, it takes the surprise and suspense out of everything!  Oh well, he still liked them. 

To my surprise, Adam came home with 2 dozen beautiful roses and a very sweet card for me.  We also went out to my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, for dinner.  A huge thanks to Adam's mom for watching our sweet Leah while we went to dinner.  Yesterday was great!  Here's a picture of my roses and the cupcakes (excuse the bite taken out of one of them...Adam couldn't wait).

Thank you for a wonderful 3 years!  You are my everything and it is such a privilege to be your wife.  I love how you love me and I love watching you love Leah.  Having the title of Mrs. Adam Hamilton is such an honor and having you by my side in everything brings so much joy to my life!  I love you with all my heart and I am so excited to see what the next 50, 60, or even 70 years have in store for us!  2 are always better than 1!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My new title: Mom

My first Mother's day is coming up and I couldn't be more excited!  It's kind of surreal celebrating a holiday where I'm used to focusing all my attention on my Mom and all the Mom's around me.  This year, I get to join in on all the fun celebrating such a thoughtful holiday! 

 I have learned so many things about being a Mom in just the short 3 months of Leah's life.  I'll post more about my experiences closer to Mother's day, but probably the most important thing I've experienced in being a Mom is the love for a child. 

 There is truly nothing like it and no one can ever take it away from you.  I'm sure I've got lots to learn in the coming years on being a Mom, but I do know one thing and that is my love will only grow and deepen for Leah every day of my life. 

 This quote always seems to enter my mind when I think about love and how it grows...
"For you see, each day I love you more.  Today more than yesterday, and less than tomorrow." -Rosemonde Gerard

 I love you sweet Leah!